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Outdoor Pet Photography Sessions

Why we love working outdoors for pet photoshoots in Melbourne


As a leading pet photographer in Melbourne, we love taking photos of all sorts of pets, big and small. We offer quality indoor pet portrait sessions, but we also love doing outdoor pet photography sessions too!

Outdoor pet photos can give you breathtaking results because the outdoor environment becomes part of the story that is showcased in your pet portraits. But pet photography doesn’t always have to be done outdoors. Indoors can be more suited for certain pets, like cats – who can be far more comfortable and natural in a more ‘homely’ environment.

Here’s why we love working with outdoor pet photography sessions for our Melbourne clients:


Choose from a Variety of Outdoor Backgrounds

When it comes to pet portrait photo shoots that are primarily outside, you can choose a location that really highlights your pet’s true character and breed. These pet portraits can include a pet sitting on your front porch or in your backyard. Your fur-baby could be walking down an urban alleyway in the city or out on their favourite local walking trail. If it’s too hard to choose, you’ll be happy to know we have some great outdoor backgrounds for your pet portraits at our photography studio including a Secret Garden, Country Lane and even a Cubby House!

We’re lucky here in Melbourne to be located near so many beautiful natural environments which gives you a variety of different textures and colours. Because we’re choosing an outdoor space that your pet already loves, they’ll feel much more comfortable to just be themselves. We’ve had many outdoor photo shoots that have just been a barrel of laughs to do and the printed artwork is so much fun to look at.

What we love about outdoor pet photos is there’s no limits. We can be as creative as we like and really showcase your pet’s true personality. And, just because it’s an outdoor pet photo shoot doesn’t mean we can’t get those gorgeous light studio pet portraits that often look like head shots or pet photography commercials.

Outdoor Dog Photo Shoot Melbourne


Can get amazing Action Shots of your Pet

Taking action shots of your dog can be challenging. But if you are prepared and have the right equipment, you can capture both the meaningful and the funny moments. And if your pet’s athletic, then it’s a great opportunity to showcase this in your pet portrait.

When it comes to outdoor photography, many animals are unpredictable, fast and can sometimes even be clumsy. That’s just who they are. They also don’t think about their expressions or poses in photographs. So, when it comes to getting those action shots, I have my quality lenses and camera bodies which allow me to freeze the moment with some really fast shutter speeds.

Another thing to remember is that action shots don’t always have to mean athletic. This can be anything that shows off their personality. It could be begging, giving kisses, playing with a toy, or trying to fit into their favourite small space.

Outdoor Pet Photographer Melbourne


Being Outdoors Helps your Pet to Play and Interact

While it’s tempting to try to get that perfect dog portrait of them sitting still, photos can actually come out a whole lot better when you just allow them to be themselves!

As an experienced pet photographer, I encourage your pooch to play and interact with you during the photo session, just like they normally would. You can try petting, throwing toys or tossing a ball in the air for your dog to catch – whatever it takes for their playful personality to shine.

You can get really unique pet portraits when working with your dog outdoors. A lot of pets actually feel much more comfortable outdoors, and can help reduce their anxiety and nervous energy. So with a playful interaction (and a few treats!), we can show off all the fun and adventures that they normally have with you outdoors.

Outdoor Professional Pet Photography Melbourne

Outdoor Pet Photography Allows you to Work with Natural Light

One of my favourite parts of working with outdoor pet photography sessions in Melbourne is all the different lighting you can play with. Taking photos at different times of the day offers a variety of outcomes.

The key to achieving a beautiful portrait when having an outdoor pet photography session is knowing how to work with different natural lights. This includes the time of day (including sunrise and sunset), the amount of direct light and shade in the outdoor location, and cloud cover etc.

As a professional pet photographer in Melbourne, I know how to work with different light situations to get a stunning outcome every time. We always come prepared for the sunny, as well as the overcast days. We know how to work with angles and positioning, as well as lens and shutter speed, to help reduce shadows and overexposure.

The result – a pet’s portrait that has depth and dimension, showcasing his/her personality!

Outdoor Pet Photography Melbourne


Find out more about our Melbourne Outdoor Pet Photography Sessions

I’ve been delivering quality pet photography in Melbourne for over 18 years. Over that time, we’ve had many pet parents who want to showcase action shots, and others that want a nice, calm, natural portrait. Whatever it is that allows your pet to just be themselves – we know how to work with them and capture something special.

We’re lucky that Melbourne offers us a really diverse range of outdoor locations and weather conditions. The hardest part can sometimes be narrowing down to your favourite location! Our team can help you to choose the best spot for your outdoor pet photography session, or you can use our Secret Garden, Graffiti Wall which is regularly updated, or our Cubby House just to name a few. No matter where we take your pet portraits, we always come equipped to ensure we can capture beautiful and natural-looking outdoor portraits.

If you would like to find out more about our Melbourne Outdoor Pet Photography Sessions, reach out to our award-winning team today.